BFGoodrich Advantage T/A SUV

Great Braking on wet and dry

  • Large tread block with deep wide longitudinal and latitudinal grooves and sipes ensuring great braking in both wet and dry.
Control in all situations
  • Symmetric tread design with rigid tread blocks and shoulder and "jagged" grooves for responsive handling and control.
Smooth handling
  • The mix of tread pattern blocks in various sizes and "jagged" grooves along with reinforced fillers at the shoulder provide smooth handling and response to your driving.
Size Speed Index Pattern
205/70R15 96T ADVT/A SUV GO
215/70R15 98T ADVT/A SUV GO
215/70R16 100T ADVT/A SUV GO
215/65R16 98T ADVT/A SUV GO
225/70R16 103T ADVT/A SUV GO
245/70R16 111T ADVT/A SUV GO
265/75R16 116T ADVT/A SUV GO
265/70R16 112T ADVT/A SUV GO
265/65R17 112H ADVT/A SUV GO
225/65R17 102H ADVT/A SUV GO
265/60R18 110H ADVT/A SUV GO
235/55R18 104H ADVT/A SUV GO