BFGoodrich Cross Control

BFGoodrich Cross Control T

Pack on the weight Load

  • Rocks, sand, waste, you transport all kinds of construction material, but it doesn't make any difference to these trailer's tyres. They can take any load that you give them. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Smear your Mud tracks on Asphalt
  • We know that all tyres scrub and we know you're not a fan of it. So our tyres keep it to a minimum, while also wearing down in a uniform way. They stay in good condition for the tough on- and off-road conditions that you drive through.
Proven Heavy civil construction Durability
  • You'll like these tipper's tyres so much you won't want to say goodbye. The good news is you don't have to. We've got them (re)covered with our 100% retreadable offer.
BFGoodrich Cross Control D

Fear no road surface

  • This drive position tipper tyre's appetite for moving is so voracious that it will take you from rocks to mud to asphalt and back again.
Works as hard as you do
  • Whatever you're facing during your day, however long the construction job, the uniform wear on these tyres keeps them in good condition. Tippers' testimonials prove that they roll even in challenging conditions and are reliable. 100% satisfaction guarantee offered.
Retread the rubber
  • Your tipper's tyres don't want to miss any of the action. Their casings have enough guts thanks to our 100% retreadable offer that they return on site as a new tyre.
BFGoodrich Cross Control S

The Steer Advantage

  • Our tipper steer position tyres give you a clear advantage on the construction site. Move freely between on- and off-road without fear of obstacles. Put some flash in your mud splash while you're at it with one of our oversized truck's tyres.
Ready to take on the Load
  • You have to make every load count, right to the last kilogram. The uniform wear on these truck's tyres means they stand tall for the load you give them. Try our 100% satisfaction offer – we dare you!
Robust to the Core
  • It's what's inside that counts: heavy duty tyre, brute resilience. Our casings are so robust that you can use our 100% retread offer and rumble right on back to the grit.
Size Speed/Load Index Pattern
7.50R16 122/121L CCTRL T
11.00R20 150/146K CCTRL S
315/80R22.5 156/150K CCTRL D
315/80R22.5 156/150K CCTRL S
13R22.5 154/150K CCTRL D
13R22.5 154/150K CCTRL S
385/65R22.5 158K CCTRL T